New Bauer 3D fit and intermediate skates


What are the new Bauer Skate fits? Fit 1,2 and3? Bauer’s new 3D fit and Intermediate Skates explained.

The new Bauer Supreme UltraSonic skates usher in some of the biggest changes in recent skate history.

Not only are Bauer moving away from the standard width system, now replaced by a 3D 'performance fit system', they are also introducing an Intermediate skate into their line-up!

What is the Performance Fit System?

The new Performance Fit System replaces the familiar D and EE width options, we now have Fit 1, Fit 2 and Fit 3.

The new 3D Fit is not simply just a re-naming of the traditional width options. It is the creation of 3 unique fit profiles. Each of the Fit 1, 2 and 3 profiles have optimised depths at the heel, forefoot and ankle wrap, plus the foot width to match the 3D characteristics of the typical foot shape for each fit. 

So, much more than merely replacing the width options, the new fit system will now, "let your game pick your skates".

In theory, once you know your fit, you can pick your skate from either the Vapor or Supreme family based upon your skating style. You'll simply need to decide whether your game is based upon Power x Control, or Quickness x Agility?

The new 3D fit system will not apply to the entire Bauer skate line-up. At present, iit'll be available on the ‘Pro Inspired & Elite Performance’ Skates, of which the new Supreme UltraSonic skate is one.

How was the Performance Fit System developed?

Bauer 3D Fit scan data

Bauer have been striving to push their understanding of the ‘Science of Fit’. This ever evolving understanding and implementation of fit into the design of their skates, has been accelerated massively by the data gathered from over 800,000 worldwide 3D Skate Lab scans.

If you have visited us in store and stepped on our 3D skate lab, you will have helped evolve the design of Bauer’s skates, and shape the future of skates moving forward, so stick taps to you!

The gathered data from the scans enabled Bauer to analyse and compare 10 different metadata foot dimensions. These data points enabled the R&D team to create numerous 3D models in an effort to better visualise Hockey player's feet, resulting in the 3 new 3D fit profiles. 

Why is this better?

Pick your skates

With the new fit profiles, you can choose the Skate family that best fits your game and playing style, rather than your foot shape determining this for you.




Which fit am I?

3D Skate Fit

The new 3D fit is a big departure from the traditional skate fitting and skate shopping. We appreciate that when trying to purchase skates online it's easier to be able to repeat buy your last size and width (if your feet have stopped growing).

This table gives a rough approximation of the new 3D fit profiles to the traditional widths.

Fit 1: D – Low heel depth, instep height and ankle wrap. Narrow foot width.

Fit 2: E – Mid heel depth, instep height and ankle wrap. Medium foot width.

Fit 3: EE – High heel depth, instep height and ankle wrap. Wide foot width.

As with any skate fitting, we'd advise where possible to visit us in store to get fit by our skate fitting experts, so we can help dial in the perfect fit for you.

We have found that as each skate family still features their characteristic fit profiles, it won’t always be the case that a VAPOR FIT 1 will automatically fit someone the same as a SUPREME FIT 1.


Introduction of Intermediate Skates

The new intermediate skate size bridges the gap between Junior and Senior skates in stiffness, performance and price. 

Why are Intermediate skates needed?

Following extensive research, it was discovered that players who now fall into the new intermediate range, were previously struggling to get the most from their skates to maximise their skating stride.

For example, If previously in Junior skates, their skates weren’t stiff and responsive enough. If in senior skates they were often advised by skating coaches to drop an eyelet to find greater forward flex, because their skates were too stiff for their size and ability.

How to overcome this?

Bauer’s solution to this is to introduce an Intermediate skate, providing a more balanced step up in stiffness, flex, and therefore performance, but also price.

If you look at Hockey players currently skating in Senior and Junior skates between sizes 1 to 6.5, there is a huge difference in the player’s size, ability and performance expectations.

It stands to reason and also the research data that a player wearing a conventional Junior size 5.5 skate will require a stiffer skate than someone skating in a Junior size 1. Furthermore, if that player in a 5.5 were to grow and move up to a Senior size 6.0, the sudden jump up in stiffness would be detrimental to their skating performance.

What are the new size ranges?

Junior skates will now run from size 1 to 3.5,

Intermediate skates from size 4 to 6.5,

Senior skates now start at size 7.

Those players who now fall into the Intermediate skate category will be rewarded with a more substantial skate designed especially for them, with relevant performance features that will aid their skating performance.

The knock on effect of this is that skaters in Junior and Senior models will also benefit from skates that have been fine tuned to a smaller size range, rather than having to have two sizes ranges spanning the size run.

Skate Flex testing

The new flex ratings on the skate listings indicate the relevant stiffness of the skate models. On the Senior UltraSonic listing you can see that they have a stiffness rating of 90, with the Intermediate UltraSonic skates are an 85. Bauer have optimised these for skaters in each performance level and size category through extensive R&D testing. Skates were tested for their lateral (side to side), torsional (twisting) and linear (forward and back) stiffness.

Intermediate Skate Pricing

With the introduction of Intermediate skates into the lineup, we also see a big change to the pricing structure of skates. The Intermediate skates will sit between the Junior and Senior skates both in terms of performance and price, much like the stick category.

With the help of our skate fitting experts, you’ll soon be able to dial in your best fitting Bauer skates in no time. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us via your preferred method.