Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goal Gear


An overview of the Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goal Gear

With the introduction of the new 2020 Goal line-up, Bauer have sought to simplify and streamline their goal offerings.

There are now only two levels of Supreme, the UltraSonic and the 3S. A new GSX line is the entry into Bauer goal, providing the best of Vapor and Supreme, with Vapor flexibility and Supreme coverage.

We will highlight the GSX range in a future post, for now, let’s take a look at the new Supreme UltraSonic Pads, Catcher and Blocker.



Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Pads

The Supreme UltraSonic pads have been designed and constructed to offer the best slideability, rebound, pad stability and seal to the ice. This has been achieved utilising the following key technologies.


Knee Block

This is one of the biggest upgrades found in the UltraSonic pads. Stabilislide is a new construction technique which integrates a rigid, one piece knee block directly into the core of the pads to eliminate over rotation, and create the best possible ice seal.


Shocklite Core

To create a pad with the best rebound pop, Bauer’s R&D team have created what they deem to be the ‘perfect below the knee break angle’ combined with a CURV composite reinforcement within the pad to make your rebounds pop further and faster. This increases the recovery time before the next shot, and reduces the number of multiple shot chances.


Flex Boot

For those of you who played in and loved the 125 degree boot angle of the Supreme 2S Pro pads, you’ll be glad to know this has not only been maintained, but has been further refined with improved ankle connectivity and flexibility.


Butterfly Assist

This is a pillow which helps to support the leg when down in the butterfly for an improved position and better downward pressure. For larger goalies, this can be removed.

In addition to the pillow, a re-designed calf plate shape provides improved ice seal when in the butterfly position.


Tunefit connect

An additional strap included with the pads. This can be added as an above the calf strap for additional connectivity to the pads.



The Supreme UltraSonic Catcher is the NHL Bauer glove. It not only features their best closure and protection to date, it is also the most broken in and comfortable Bauer glove.

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Catcher

The UltraSonic glove features a 75 degree break angle for a neutral feeling closure. Let’s take look at some of the new key technologies and features found in the glove.

Curv composite has been utilised in the one piece cuff and the perimeter of the catching surface. The inclusion of Curv composite helps to keep the overall weight of the glove down, and offers improved durability and structure when catching pucks, and a cleaner blocking surface on the cuff when in tight.

There is also Curv composite reinforcement in the palm along with Poron XRD. These combine to absorb impact energy from shots, reducing the effect of stingers.

The backside of the glove features re-designed padding which Bauer calls free flex, acts to give improved manoeuvrability. This enables goalies to get the glove where they need to easier to make the save, but also makes the closure feel more natural and broken in.

The pocket features a thinner double-T spine. This adds more skate lacing to the pocket which in turn helps to retain pucks in the pocket.


The Supreme UltraSonic Blocker is super comfortable with one of the best off the shelf feels of any Bauer blocker. It has been engineered to provide the best possible rebound pop.

Bauer Surpeme UltraSonic Blocker

The rebound pop is created through the combination of control foam topped with Curv composite in the blocker board. The improved rebound pop gives the goalie the upper hand with the rebound control, creating time to recover and be in position to make the next save.

The new Quattro Control palm offers a nice snug fit and a great grip on the stick.

The sidewall of the blocker maintains the combination of Curv compostite and shocklite technologies for a solid blocking surface in close to the body. The fingers and thumb of the UltraSonic blocker are also reinforced with shocklite and Poron XRD to not only create a solid seal on the stick, but to provide hand protection against wayward pucks. This finger protection can be adjusted to dial in your perfect fit and feel.

The lightweight blocker also features improved manoeuvrability thanks to Bauer’s free-floating cuff. With an improved range of wrist mobility you’ll be making key saves, forcing shooters to rethink going blocker side.


You can check out the full Bauer Supreme UltraSonic goal lineup here. The new lineup features new UltraSonic Goal Skate, UltraSonic Goal Stick and a simplified line of Chest Protectors and Goal Pants.

Keep checking back to the blog as we'll be taking a closer look at further products from the new Supreme Goal line-up in the near future, as well as other new product releases.