Gear Spotting Episode 1


A week of NHL training camps and the start of European Hockey saw some of the best players and goalies in the world turning it on with some lovely looking gear and pad combos.

We’ve had our eyes on the action, so it's a warm welcome to Puck Stop Gear Spotting Episode 1, our weekly feature showing off the best gear around. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for major drops from Bauer, CCM, True, Warrior and many more at and on our social channels.

Auston Matthews

Do you notice anything different about these photos? No, not the moustache! After a summer trialling new equipment following the split from Bauer, Auston Matthews has been rocking CCM gear in the latest Maple Leafs media days images and at training camp. He is currently using the CCM Jetspeed FT2 Skates and Jetspeed FT2 Stick.

Auston Matthews


Auston Matthews

Evgeni Malkin

According to @Pensinsidescoop Penguins' Newcomer Alex Galchenyuk arrived in Pittsburgh with two sticks. Evgeni Malkin tried one. He liked it. Galchenyuk now has one stick. The stick in question, from recent training camp photos is the new Bauer Vapor Flylite Stick. We don't have any specs or curve photos at present, but we'll be keeping an eye on Geno, stay tuned...




Cardiff Devils

The Cardiff Devils of the EIHL have stepped outside the box with their team branding this season. We're loving the look of the new team decals adorning their Bauer Re-akt 150 helmets.

Cardiff Devils 1


Cardiff Devils 2

Marc Andre Fleury

Fleury shows off a new and updated look for his CCM Premier II setup, with a super clean graphic.

Fleury 1


Fleury 2

Estevan Bruins

The Estevan Bruins of the SJHL unveiled some new threads this weekend that have drawn some mixed reactions from hockey fans. The jerseys are completely white and yellow, with white pants, gloves, socks and helmets to match. What do you think of the uniform?

Bruins 1


Bruins 2

So there you go Hockey gear fans. As we delve into the Hockey action this week we'll keep an eye out on some unique gear spots. If you see a look which is interesting, let us know by tweeting us @puckstopuk, and we'll do the rest.