Gear Spotting Episode 2


A week of NHL training camps and the start of European Hockey saw some of the best players and goalies in the world turning it on with some lovely looking gear and pad combos.

Welcome back to Puck Stop Gear Spotting Episode 2, our weekly feature showing off the best gear around. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for major drops from Bauer, CCM, True, Warrior and many more at and on our social channels.

Jack Hughes

Recent first overall pick in the NHL Entry Draft Jack Hughes scored his first pre-season goal for the New Jersey Devils against the Bruins. He went on to snipe two goals in the game, including the OT winner using his Bauer Vapor Flylite Stick.

Jack Hughes Gear Spotting 1


Jack Hughes Gear Spotting 2

Corey Crawford

Corey Crawford in pre-season action in his familiar black and red CCM Premier II setup. The eagle eyed amongst you will have also noticed the new collar design on the Blackhawks jerseys for the 2019/20 season.

Crawford Gear Spotting 1


Crawford Gear Spotting 2

Belfast Giants

The Belfast Giants have got a great looking tandem between the pipes this season. Not just for this puck spotting abilities, but also for their smart Bauer True Design setups! The Bauer True Design process allows for an almost infinite chance to create custom graphics on your pads and gloves. 

The process behind True Design allows for a digital-based image to be printed directly onto the surface of Bauer’s pads and gloves. It is then coated to protect the image so it will not fade or deteriorate over time, providing next-level custom without additional materials or weight. We've had experience of designing, creating and ordering the True design pads, as part of our service, you'll have access to our in house pad designer who can help bring your creation to life.

Belfast Giants Gear Spotting 1


Belfast Giants Gear Spotting 2

Nazem Kadri

Kadri, one of the big off season move of the summer showing off his new Avalanche Threads. Despite the new surroundings, he has kept with his CCM Jetspeed FT2 Skates and Jetspeed FT2 Stick, the combo he was using as he finished up his time as a Maple Leaf.

Kadri Gear Spotting 2


Kadri Gear Spotting 1

Ivan Prosvetov

Ivan Prosvetov showing off both his flexibility, and also his preferred custom strapping option from the Tune Fit Straping System on his Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Pads

Ivan Prosvetov


So there you go Hockey gear fans. As we delve into the Hockey action this week we'll keep an eye out on some unique gear spots. If you see a look which is interesting, let us know by tweeting us @puckstopuk, and we'll do the rest.